Saturday, January 30, 2010

A project... finished

I found the idea for this felt playhouse here. I don't think I come up with any original ideas, but I'm pretty good at imitation!
This fits over a card table. My measurements weren't perfect, and it's a little large. I think I'd like to make a slightly bigger frame out of PVC pipe. Cheap, and would disassemble easily.
I love all the little details on this. I think I will end up taking off the door and sewing in at the top so it can flip onto the roof. And I'll probably need to put something in the window (make a pane, or add vinyl or webbing) since the kids keep trying to crawl out of it. Even though not doing that is a rule for playing with the playhouse. That and not climbing on the roof. :)
And I need to make some flowers for the flowerbox.

It was really fun to sew with felt, but I think I'm ready for a break!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A project

I need to take better pictures of this - tonight, okay? -but this is the project I'm working on right now. It's a playhouse that fits over a card table. It has a doghouse, a tree with apples, a garden with vegetables, and a mailbox. It's a lot of work but I'm having fun. I like making things like this for my family. Check out my black nail polish- yowza! (Present from Santa)

The not-so-fun thing is that I work on it after the kids are in bed. Which means that at 7pm I lug my machine out, my felt, my sewing stuff and get started. And then I put it all away at 9:30. Bother! My machine is like an anvil! Someday I'll have a craft room... :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Amazing, The Incredible Spencer!

He's found his toes! Isn't he marvelous??!? :) Few things about Spencer:

-he's a head scratcher. You've got to watch him, or he'll get himself good and start bleeding all over. He's got scabs all over his head.

-not the best sleeper. He'll do great for a few days, then be up every hour for a few days after. Through the day, through the night. Not dependable, the little stinker.

-happy happy boy. He is hardly ever upset. He loves to squeal and jabber. He's lucky he's so cute considering his sleeping record.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Somebody's Watching Me...

James made this handsome snowman with the kids a few weeks ago, right outside our side window. Which is great, right?

The thing is, I forget it's there. So when I'm walking through the house, I'll get startled by the tall figure watching me outside my window. You'd think I'd remember I've got a snowman out there, but no, it gets me a few times a day.

And with it being so cold, it's not going to melt anytime soon....

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Birth Story- written months ago and never posted!

I like reading/hearing others' birth stories, so I'll go ahead and post mine. Even though it's pretty boring. :)

I feel like I jumped through hoops to avoid a c-section with this baby! The Ames hospital doesn't perform VBAC's (vaginal birth after cesarean), which means I have to go up to Des Moines, a 45 minute drive. My doctor was really understanding of my situation, so I was seen here in town by a midwife until 36 weeks, and then transferred to Des Moines. I wanted to put off the long drive until absolutely necessary.

My OB was up-front about practice policy of only going a week past due, but since Logan was 10 days late I asked if he would make an exception and let me go longer if I happened to go overdue. Good thing we talked about that possibility!

On the 22nd I was 11 days overdue, and had tried {almost} everything I could think of to kick-start my labor. Otherwise I was scheduled to go into the hospital on Friday. My sweet sister Dawnelle, who was flying in the next day to "help" with the baby that was a no-show, called and bullied me into taking castor oil, the only thing I hadn't tried. Really, she wouldn't hang up the phone until I took it. She had already called James the day before and had him buy it. She called again at 4pm to make me take another dose. I started having serious contractions at 6:30pm. I knew they were serious because they were in my back- I have always had back labor. I hung around and ignored them as long as possible, because I did not want to make the long drive just to be sent home. I gave James the nod at midnight, and we headed out. (note- my bro-in-law happened to be visiting, so we didn't have to call anyone on my 5 person labor phone tree. Score!)

I had a CD with ocean sounds and music that I had kind of practiced Hypnobirthing with, so I did my best to relax on the way to the hospital. It worked pretty well, but my back was killing me.

After we made it to the hospital the nurse told me I was dilated to a 7/8 and had a bulging bag of waters that was probably preventing me from dilating further. I said, "Great! Don't break it until I get my epidural!" Last time I delivered not long after they broke my water. I got my drug of choice, the doc broke my water, a few contractions later I felt like I needed to push. I didn't have to push too long and Spencer Rollie was born at 2:47am.

The doctor didn't know that we didn't know the sex of the baby, so I had to ask while they were cutting the cord and cleaning him off. :) James insists that he told me but I guess I had stopped listening to him. :) They put him right on my tummy to finish rubbing him. I really liked the hospital and my nurses were really considerate of me. I snuggled him for a while and we were all talking about how big he was and wondering how much he weighed. The nurse asked me (!) so politely if she could take him to weigh him and all that other stuff. Really! She just waited there until I was ready to let go of him for a few minutes! I thought that was cool.

So, the end. Healthy baby, good delivery, easy recovery. Let's do it again! :) Well, after I kick my body back into shape anyway.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I feel like Little Jack Horner

The last few days, my kids haven't wanted to watch a movie. At all! I've cut out our morning show since we do school in the mornings, and usually let them watch 45 min. of something in the afternoon while I'm making dinner. The last few days, I've tried to suggest movie time but they are much too busy playing to be bothered. It might be mailman, or ballerinas, or country store, or library- really whatever Brighton cooks up, she is sooo the ringleader - they just cannot be interrupted. Maybe because they know I'll make them tidy up before I turn on the show. :)

Anyway, back to my title. I'll think to myself, what a good mother am I, my kids don't even need TV! But, like little Jack, I didn't really do anything special. He just pulled a plum out of his pie, and I just have easy and creative kids.

PS- Christmas did happen at our house, but I haven't gotten the pics off the camera yet. All 5 of them. I hope I took more than that, but I know it wasn't a lot! Drat! I'll get some pictures up soon!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Cold weather tip!

I got this idea from a friend who has a blog, and I suppose I could link to it, but I'm lazy. And I don't think she cares how many people look at her blog. :)

Nipple cream! Yeah, that's what I said! You know when your kids' cheeks/mouth/nose get really chapped from the -20 degree weather? I hate that too. But if you put lanolin on it at night, it clears up in a day or two. Really, if it can clear up blisters on your you-know-where's, it's got to help any kind of skin. Try it, it works!