Thursday, December 10, 2009

Minnesota Farm

I recently realized that I have family only two short hours away! Chris (and Jim) Possin is my dad's cousin, and their family have kids close to the ages of my siblings and me. Does that make sense? Somehow we're related. Anyway, I remember visiting their farm when I was about 13 and playing with my cousin Amy who was my age. We made barbie clothes and pinky-swore that we would find a way to buy a gameboy. The girls had an ongoing feud with the boys -- they put itching powder down the back of our shirts, we put makeup on them when they were sleeping, we had many water fights, but the culminating prank that won the war was stealing their underwear, wetting it down and then freezing it. We then took a hammer to them, which in hindsight was probably going a bit too far. Fun times on the farm!

Brighton and Brooklyn with my cousin Jim and the combine! I kept calling it a tractor and was corrected many times. A tractor pulls things. A combine harvests grain. Got it? We all had a fun ride bringing in the last of the corn.

They went out on their land and chopped down a Christmas tree! How Little House on the Prairie is that?!

Look! Me not cooking! This is Chris and Amy - Amy lives nearby and got to come over every day with her kids (similar ages to my kids) every day! It was so fun to chat with her, and our kids were instant friends, although I don't think they ever figured out names. They would just call out, "hey, friend..."
The front of their house. They had an addition put on a year ago and it seriously looks fabulous. It was so fun to be part of a big crazy household again! Chris has four kids still at home and is a homeschooling mom. Add Amy and her kids, and a husband that comes and goes throughout the day-- I was loving it and so were my kids. Chris has a wonderful "grandma house" with tons of toys for the kids to play with.

We'll be back soon!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ballerina Boy!

Why should girls have all the frilly fun?

(the boots add a masculine touch)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Our thankful turkey

One of the things we did as part of school last month. Each day the girls cut out a feather and I wrote what they were thankful for. Isn't he cute!? :)