Monday, August 25, 2008

Finally, a picture!

Just washing my mom-in-law's car. The girls and I really have fun washing cars- they start out being helpful, and then become not-so-helpful. As you can see from the pic. :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Crazy 'bout Backyardigans!

I got a Backyardigan's video as one of the kid's moving surprises, and boy, has it started something. That is ALL they want to watch! Thankfully, it's a show that I heartily approve of. The premise is that these five friends (does anyone know what Uniqua is?) have adventures in their backyard, using their imagination.
Since watching them, my girls have spent hours playing spaceship, lost in the jungle, monsters, pirate ship, and kings- ruler of all the land. Just to name a few. Each 25 minute show has three songs, in all different genre's of music, such as 20's jazz, rock and roll, and polka. Really fun music. And this show has some great animators, because those kids can dance. I've been seriously considering developing an aerobic class featuring their dance moves. :) Watch me now, hey!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Queste for a decent apartment...

While I was off vacationing with family (a month back), James had the difficult chore of finding our family a place to live in Ames, IA. It was really discouraging at first. All the big apartment complexes only had students, no families. The cheaper places where falling apart and really gross. We had started paperwork with one place only to find some online reviews that gave the complex a big thumbs down. Cops there all the time, drug deals in the front yard, no one cleaning up after their dogs, etc. So James kept on looking and looking and looking. I was thinking- surely familes live here!! We can't be the only students with kids, where are all the families?! James was driving around (he says he stopped at every single place available in the entire city (small city)) when he saw a sign that said there were 2 and 3 bedroom townhomes for rent. He looked them over, and eureka! The landlords ONLY rent to families with kids, there is a playset in the back, and the complex is away from the main roads so the kids could ride their bikes. They only have a 2 bedroom available right now, but it is 900 sq. feet. That's right Wymounters, a 2 bedroom is bigger than our old 3 bedroom apartment! (750 sq. feet) The bottom floor has the kitchen (w/dishwasher), living and dining rooms, and a washer and dryer. Oh, and a bathroom. The top floor has another bathroom, a couple linen closets and the bedrooms. I'm so excited!

The apartments were built back in the 70's, so they are a little old. But they have been kept up well, and the appliances were replaced a couple years ago. It will be hard doing without the third bedroom, but we'll manage. Our apartment isn't available until the 29th, so we'll be here for another few weeks and then drive up Labor Day weekend. We still need to purchase a washer and dryer, but thankfully we planned on needing them and have already saved up. So be looking for some pics in a few weeks!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Go World!!

I just love the Olympics! My family didn't have TV growing up, but when Olympics time came around... we got cable just for two weeks! We even took school off- a benefit of homeschooling. :)

I think the stories about the individual athletes are so inspiring. So many years of hard work and sacrifice and dedication. Is there anything that I have worked as hard to acheive? I'm glad that we have something to acknowledge the years the athletes have spent training.

How about that Michael Phelps! And did you see that there is a 33-year old mom on the German female gymnastics team? I just watched her vault, and she's good! So many amazing people from all over the world.

If you haven't seen the AMAZING men's swimming 1x400 relay, check it out! This is incredible!!


Scripture study

I just finished reading The Book of Mormon.  When Pres. Hinckley gave the church the challenge to read The Book of Mormon, I made the commitment to read it every year.  It's been so great!  I want to start reading it with a different focus each time, and this next time is going to be looking for attributes of the Savior.  I'm going to get a $5 plain copy so I can make lots of notes and markings.  I like reading "naked" scriptures so I read everything fresh.  I've noticed that sometimes when I'm reading a passage that I've highlighted, I skip over it instead of reading more carefully.  Does anyone have ideas for next time?  Different things to look for or to focus on, and so on.  Thanks for your thoughts!