Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Also, this happened

Snow!  In October!  My kids were asking where their snow stuff is and I had to pull it all out.  I was able to figure out who needed new stuff though, so I suppose that's a plus.  The work van out front is our window installer.  Yay for new windows!  We're painting and replacing the trim to save money, so that is our next project.  It seems like we are always working on something with this house, but mostly we enjoy it.  We can't go for more than a month without itching to improve or update something. :)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Whew, this last week was busy!  We didn't even have time to carve pumpkins.  Here is our costume roundup:

Brighton - Bat
Brooklyn - Corpse Bride
Logan - Thor (my favorite child right now, since I didn't have to make his costume)
Spencer and Simon - Knights

Don't get me wrong, I love making the kids' costumes.  I really do.  But I'm also a procrastinator, so I leave it for the last few days.  I wish I had better pictures - Brighton's really turned out well.  I used purple thread on the wings so it would stand out.  More costumes to add to the dress-up bin!

Another thing that was causing me a migraine this past week was Brighton's class party.  Somehow I ended up the room mom (I did not volunteer, they asked me if I would do it and I guess when I blacked out they assumed that meant yes).  Every single person that signed up for something switched to something else, and then people brought stuff that they didn't even sign up for and didn't give me a heads up for even after my several reminders and emails.  Hmph.  But it happened and was fun and much sugar was consumed.

We also made some amazing caramel apples that were soooo yummy - dipped in caramel, then chocolate, then in candy pieces- WOW!  Loved them.

Holidays are hard work for mom.  Good job everyone who made it through Halloween!  Gearing up for Thanksgiving.... :)