Saturday, December 22, 2007

CinderBrighton- or is this normal?!?

Brighton gets on the funniest kicks. Last week all she wanted to do was to play Cinderella. Sometimes I could get her to branch out and do Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, but Cinderella is definitely the favorite. She acts the whole thing out, and I usually get the bad guy roles- wicked stepmother, evil queen, etc. She will do this ALL DAY LONG if I play along. What a crack up! She runs down the hall, kicking off a shoe for the prince to find. She also especially loves any part when she gets to cry. "Are we at the crying part yet?" I'm thinking this is just a girl thing.
This week she wants to me to make up stories about Princess Brighton and her many adventures. All. Day. Long.
I'm looking forward to Logan getting older and I can just kick a ball around will him or something. Maybe we can enlist his help as the Prince for the many dancing parts. :)

Brooklyn playing with a friend~

One of the things I love about Wymount is having so many friends so close!! Brighton and Brooklyn will be lonely when we leave next summer. We have friends over at least once a week. The other mom's probably think I'm nutzo but I love to watch them play and pretend together. This is a picture of some general silliness with friend Rachel. - Notice Brooklyn isn't wearing any pants. Her newest thing is to strip down as much as possible as soon as she comes inside. In this order: coat, shoes, socks, pants- then shirt and diaper if I allow it!

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree ...

I keep finding random things hung on our tree, as the girls find things they want to add. The latest - my tea acorn. I guess since it has a little hanger it was feeling left out. Ornament Envy. I guess! :)

Friday, December 14, 2007

Husband in natural habitat?

Hardly!! My brother Tyler is getting ready to sell his x-box so he brought it over for one last hurrah. James never has time to play video games so he was happy to help shoot some people up- and whatever else you do in video games. A guy party at my house left me with nothing to do, so I worked on a Christmas present for a secret someone in my family. Lips are sealed! :)

These crazy girls!

Brighton has started to get really good at the computer! She can do her favorite websites mostly by herself- smart girl! Brooklyn loves to sit and watch.

Brighton's current fav's: www. and

This silly girl is wearing her baby brother's pants and her big sister's crown. (I was in charge of Preschool Co-op this week, learning K, and we made crowns fit for a king!)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Where is that husband?

People have been saying that they can't tell if I'm married or not. I have a husband- and a good one too! Let me find a good picture of James and I'll post it. Sorry honey!

We survived another trip to the dentist!

The girl's had a check-up this morning, so we brushed 'em real good and headed off. For some reason, we go to an office up in Alpine, which is at least a thirty minute drive. I don't know whose idea that was. Both the girls are cavity free, but will need braces when they get older. Arrgh! Darn thumbsucking!! Brooklyn might even need them as early as eight years old because her mouth is so mishapen. Oh well. Everyone gets braces these days, right? :)
I wish I could go to a pediatric dentist. The girls got to watch Dora while their teeth were checked (Brighton was even aware that something was going on in her mouth) and got to pick a treat to take home. Lucky!

Friday, December 7, 2007

My favorite mommy toy!

I treat myself to something fun each time I have a baby, and this year's pick is the sling! Logan loves being close, and this really helps me to have both of my hands free. And I don't have to mess with all the buckles and snaps of the snugli.
Look at the dimples on my happy boy!

Logan's first taste of rice cereal. Yummm. I wasn't planning on starting him on solids yet, but we're hoping something extra in his belly will help him sleep. Little stinker likes to eat every two hours, day and night. Eat up Logan!

Thanksgiving in sunny California

Just a few pictures to give you a taste of our fun vacation! James stayed home to bankroll our trip (what a hard worker!) and my younger brother Tyler came to help me stay sane. We stayed with my older brother Bryon and his wife Rebecca. The best part was playing at the beach in 70 degree weather! Then we drove home to 40 degrees. Grrr.

My Gold Medal Day as a Mom!

Today I have battled every bodily fluid there is.

7:00am I wake up to Brighton crying because she threw up all over her bed.

8:30am Logan poops a massive poop, leaking out all over my jeans (which had just been washed from the last time this happened)

12:30pm Instead of taking her nap, Brooklyn takes off her diaper and poops in her crib, managing to get the poo on four blankets, her sheet, her pants and both of her socks.

4:00pm Logan spits up down into my shirt, soaking my both of my tops and my bra.

5:50pm Brighton falls down and splits her lip, which is very bloody and she just happens to be wearing a white shirt.

6:00pm I decide that we are all going to bed early. And that I really REALLY want my own washer and dryer. :)

Before going to bed, Brighton told me that she was so proud of me. I'm not sure what she meant by it, but I was proud of myself to have lasted through today and two changes of clothes without losing it!
Here is Brighton with her sad face and fat lip. Poor girl, what a day!