Wednesday, October 13, 2010


My little Spencer boy is one!! His loves right now:

Dancing- he loves to shake his bootie. He'll get mad at you if you turn it off.

Mooching food- if you have it, he wants it. He loooves to eat with silverware. He can be a picky eater though. He usually likes the first 5-6 bites and then he's done with that course. I have to be pretty inventive. Some of his favorites are black beans and olives. Weird kid. :) You can see from the pictures that grandpa is an easy target.

Blankie- he gets his blankie at bedtime and he's always excited to see it. He loves to wrestle and chew on it. I usually find him sleeping curled up on it. Spencer also started sucking his index finger (!) about a month ago. Right now it's just when he goes to sleep, and hopefully he'll grow out of it soon.

Walking- he's been walking for a few months, and is pretty fast at it. He loves being able to follow the kids around.

Driving in the car- he sits next to Logan and those two are just silly together. He loves to look out the window.

Babbling- he talks to everybody, and it sure seems like he's saying something serious.

Spencer is such a sweet boy, and we all sure love him. Although I love my teensy babies, this age is fun too. He loves to try and do new things. Like buckle his seatbelt. :) Silly sweet boy.


Little update on what we're doing: we're still looking at buying a house. This whole process takes forever!! I would love to be in our own place by Christmas, but I'm not sure if that's going to happen. We're working on consolidating our student loans, saving up money and finding a lender. We've mostly just looked at houses online and spent some time driving around neighborhoods. I don't want to talk to a real estate agent or go to an open house until we have a loan approved. And we're also busy getting other grown-up things figured out like health insurance. Sometimes I just want to go back to being a student! It's all I've known for the past ten years. This is all crazy new stuff.

We'll be leaving for Georgia this Friday to load up all our stuff and drive it back here. Well, James is doing that anyway. I'm going to stay and play for a while! Yay!!! The kids are all really excited. My sister and I are going to be working on Halloween costumes while I'm there, and I'm looking forward to having a crafting partner. Happy Fall everyone!!