Sunday, March 30, 2008

thoughts on fasting

I wanted to ask the other mom's out there about fasting. I've always struggled with fasting when I was younger- I often get big headaches that knock me out. So it was a relief in a way when I started having kids- there have only been a few months the past 4 years that I haven't been either pregnant or nursing. And of course the girls don't fast, so it's just James on his lonesome. I want to try this fasting thing again- but am not sure how to do it since I am still nursing. I have heard of other mom's that will do a carb fast or a fruit fast or something like that. How do you ladies work it? I'm hoping for some good advice. Thanks!!

little baker

Here is Brighton helping daddy make something or other- in full baking uniform. Yup- that is a pair of underwear on her head. She didn't get that idea from me! She loves to help right now, and she's actually old enough to be helpful. :)

Saturday, March 22, 2008


I thought I'd throw up a pic of my newly engaged brother and his fiance, Mara. James got to help with the actual engagement. It reminded me of the time I helped my friend Philip Beggs get engaged to his sweetie. Good times!!

Fairy Tea Party

So here are the pictures from the Fairy Tea Party we went to at the library. As you can see from the photos, it was quite a sumptuous affair. I thought maybe they had a wedding right before. :) They had ballet, some yummy treats, a parade for all the little fairies, and even a talk about fairy manners. Which Brighton still remembers and tries to chew with her mouth closed. And oh, the spectacle of it all! This is the fairy King, who presided over the whole thing. Fun!

I was a little sad, because once it was over I realized that the best part was getting ready - doing our hair, painting our nails, putting glitter on, fussing with our dresses, and all those other girly things. That could have taken hours. But I left things for last minute and went shopping right before, so we had to get ready in 2 minutes and were there a little late. Oh well, next time I will know better. And I have plans to make a princess ball gown for me and for Brighton and Brooklyn so we will be properly dressed at our next fairy tea!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

a checkmark on my list...

I finished a group project last night! We have been working on a family life education seminar- developing the content and worksheets, role plays, etc. and we just presented it last night. I think it went pretty well, and it is a load off to have it over and done with. I had two couples from my ward that showed up- so thanks to my friends the Karlsson's and Whitlock's for helping fill up our room! We talked about parenting preschoolers- being positive and using logical consequences. Good information and a good reminder for me as a parent. Whew! I'm so glad this is the last class I have to take on campus, because I'm really getting tired of trying to be a student. Being a wife and mother takes up all of my time and energy, and I resent having to squish in one more thing. I dislike having assignments looming over my head. Anyway- I'm glad to have this checked off!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Reasons why I love having daughters...

I got a glimpse today of how fun it is to have girls!! I was putting my makeup on and Brighton said, "Mommy, you have the prettiest eyebrows!" Wow- I have never gotten that compliment before. And I've been doing lots of girl stuff with her- we went to a fairy tea party yesterday that I will blog later about, and went to see Enchanted today. It makes me remember doing my hair and makeup in my mom's bathroom to be close to her, shopping together and just talking. I do have to make it through the yucky teenage stuff, but right now I'm so glad to have daughters!!

Sunday fun!

We have to be really creative on our "day of rest". Which is in quotations because anyone with kids knows how NOT restful Sundays are! I saved some free address labels that I got in the mail (to Brittant Hall:) to let the kids play with. Daddy was sleeping on the couch, so they mailed him - I'm not sure where to. This is one of the many clever daddy games where Dad gets to lay or sit on the couch. Fun and exciting games such as "Wake Daddy Up" or "Put Daddy to Sleep" or "Climb the Daddy Mountain" or "Walk on the Daddy's Leg Bridge". Our cleverness knows no bounds. :)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

grad school news

I also should say that we heard back from one of the grad school James applied to. He was accepted by Iowa State University, which was our backup in case he doesn't get into any of the PhD programs. ISU just has a masters, so it would take us a little longer to finish up, and we'd have to pay for it ourselves. So we are still waiting to hear back from the 3 other schools, but it is nice to know that our backup is secure!

New Bed

I think we'll just toss her crib and have her sleep in the box lid. It will save us a lot of space! :)

Bowling fun!

Well, I'm sick again with the flu. James talked to this guy at his work who had the same symptoms as me, and he had it on and off again for a month!! I'm already at the 2 week mark- not much to look forward to! I haven't been this sick for years and years. Yukko.

We went bowling yesterday (another "things to do before we leave Provo" item checked off my list) at the Wilk. I'm happy to say that I got the high score- though I did take advantage of the bumpers a few times. It's fun bowling with the girls because they'll clap and cheer even if I knock one pin down. James, on the other hand, would give me a look that said all too clearly, "I'm so sorry for your pitiful lack of skills." Seriously, it was in his eyes.