Monday, September 20, 2010

umm, Hi!

I've been such an absent blogger this summer. I have several good reasons that I won't bore you with. :) The summer has been filled with lots of fun activities, so I'll give you a quick rundown of the highlights:

homemade pinata
happy birthday Logan
local zoo
short and expensive haircut
starting school
first steps
potty training
terrible but cheap haircut
two trips to Nauvoo

Whew!! After tres months of being apart, James flew back to join the family in Iowa at the end of July. He has been working at Best Buy part time while he continued the job search. We've been apart too many summers. I think 4 or 5. It's just not good for us, we need to stop doing it! There have been lots of ups and down as far as the job search. James would get an interview and our hopes would be high for a few weeks, and then would slump down when he didn't get the position. It's been an awful and emotional roller-coaster. But last week he was offered a position at Genesis Medical here in Davenport IA. So yay!

Um, is it awful that I spent several days being really depressed about this job? It's a great job, really exciting for him. But I'm kind of bummed about it being here in Iowa. What is that about??? We moved all our stuff to Georgia, we felt so sure that that was where we needed to end up. And although the job is great, it's not like our financial worries are over. But there, that's enough complaining. It's going to be great, and we'll make it work and continue to have faith. That's what we Mormons do, right?!

So we're looking into buying a home, and boy is that another stresser. I go between wanting to close my eyes until it's over and needing to know every single thing about the home buying process. I currently have five books from the library about real estate. :)

I'll try to be better about getting on the computer and keep ya'll posted. Thanks for all the prayers and good wishes from everyone!