Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Okay, the REAL addition...

Yes, we are pregnant again! I just had my dr. app yesterday, and I am 10 weeks along with a DD of September 11th. I wasn't sure of my dates, because I had just gotten my IUD out. My uterus jumps at the chance to be pregnant, I guess. So. Let's see...

How have I been feeling? I knew right away that I was pregnant. Yuck. In fact, here is an excerpt from an email I sent to my mom-in-law a month ago.

In the afternoons I'm starting to run pretty low. I just feel yucky all day, and have no energy to do anything. I've started talking about myself in the 3rd person, like- "why can't that lady bother to wipe off the table? Like it's that big of a bother. What is wrong with her?!" Because that lady is so not me. I would never let my kid play on the computer for an hour so I could take a nap. Or hand my kid a box of fishies for snacktime. Or like last night, when that lady tried to get herself together to make a Walmart trip, but only managed to get five things on the list before the smells and crowd got to her and she had to escape home, stopping by KFC because she didn't want to even think about dinner.

Thankfully, I'm started to feel a bit better. Though I do have to be real careful about what I eat, since everything gives me heartburn. Like water. Real fun.

But we're pregnant, and excited!! When we told the girls yesterday they said that they had a baby that they were going to pop out too. So we're all excited! :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

a little independance

I'm the type of Mom that tends to overdo- I get all their food ready for them, get their drinks, get their clothes out, that sort of thing. Even though Brighton and Brooklyn are old enough to do it themselves. I need to be better about teaching instead of just doing it for them. This past Sunday, we were all taking naps. (James grew up having family naptime on Sundays and is determined to keep it. :) Brighton usually just plays quietly with the Sunday box. After getting up- I take short naps- I found Brighton eating a piece of pizza at the table. She got the bag of leftover pizza out of the fridge, got a plate out of the cupboard, put the pizza in the microwave, pushed 123 and then start, and had herself a snack! She surprises me like that sometimes. (Amanda, this reminded me of Kallie and the ice cream story!)