Monday, November 29, 2010

Snapshots of GA

The crew in the car. Yup, I did the 14 hour drive home all by my lonesome. There was some screaming, but then I calmed down and we were okay. :) Actually, the kids were all really good. And a little bit of preparation goes a long way. I had gotten some little presents at the dollar store, and would chuck them one every few hours. And I broke the time up with movies, coloring, snacks, and stops. And I had everything I need to hand back to the kids within arms reach. I'm an expert at chucking to the back seat. :0) My favorite thing for car trips is our travel ticker on the ceiling. I write the names of some of the cities we pass through on masking tape, and we have a little car that we move along the road. So the kids know how far we are from our destination. It was my friends idea a few years ago, and she even sketched me the little car. I laminated it (of course!) and still use it every trip. Thanks Rachel!
We went to Georgia to visit my sister Dawnelle. Hi Nelly! These pictures are sorta backwards in order, but oh well. We did a lot of this.
See, look at me sewing! This is when I fired out my kids Halloween costumes. I loved sewing at Dawnelle's house because our kids would all play and basically leave us alone to sew. Woohoo!
My sister, as much as I love her, is a weirdo. Here we are trimming the tree before Halloween. She's got no principles.

Proof for these next few pictures that I did not have the camera. :)Shooting water rockets of the back porch. Both of my girls got clobbered in the face. I mean, we were watching them shoot up and then fall! Why are we not moving out of the way? I mean, oh, poor babies! {sympathetic face}
Staying well out of the way now.
The kids had craft time too!
Walking along a nature path that Dawnelle was sure was filled with hooligans hiding and waiting to snatch us and/or our children. Like any hooligan would be thinking that two ladies with six small children would be an easy target. :) We be crazy like mother bears, yo!
Mass bath. It's a good thing they have an extra large tub! :)
Playing in their backyard. I loved the backyard and so did my kids!! I want one!
At one of Carter's baseball games. Those were just a hoot! It was so fun to watch all these little kids running around in their uniforms. Carter has a good arm on him! Brighton really enjoyed watching and practicing with Carter at home. I'm not very sports minded; I really need to think more about getting my kids involved in sports.

Our main purpose in going to GA was to get all our stuff of our storage unit (being Dawnelle's garage) and bring it back to IA. Bit of a bummer, but at least I got a trip out of it! Being with my sister and her family was tons of fun. I stayed for about a week and a half, and it was over way too soon. Hopefully living in Georgia will be in our future!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Kicking the habit

What will we do for comfort?

Both of my girls have sucked their thumbs. Brighton stopped when she was five, using sheer willpower and the promise of a special dinner with dad once the thumb callous was gone. Logan had a pacifier at nap and bedtime until this past summer. He was sad when I took it away, but after a few days he was fine. A few months ago, Spencer starting sucking his index finger when I lay him down for bed. Can I hope for just a passing phase?

Brooklyn is having a hard time giving up the thumb. She was all set to stop sucking it when she was five years old, but now that the magic age has arrived, she's decided that she'd rather stop when she's six. I don't make a big deal about it, but she's started doing it more and more: at computer time, movie time, in the car, during reading time... it really does need to stop. So I tried this. (The seller is on vacation, but you should be able to get a good idea of the product from the pics.)

I really liked the idea of the soft thumb cover. First problem: Brooklyn is a tricksy girl, and slipped it right off. So I sent it back to be resized. Second problem: She started sucking her other thumb She told me that at first it felt funny but after a bit it was fun. Greeaat. {Shouldn't there be a font for sarcasm?} So I tried a reward- every day that she leaves the thumb cover on, she gets a piece of candy at bedtime. That worked for one night. We tried putting a glove over the other hand, to keep her from sucking that thumb. I don't want to buy another thumb cover! This morning she wakes up so excited to tell me that she didn't suck either thumb last night, instead she sucked her finger! And I have to laugh because she's telling me like it's the best idea ever and I should be so happy!

And I decided, not for the first time, that this girl is going to do whatever she wants to.

With one of her many bug friends. :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

My new favorite sound

Brighton was in a helping mood and vacuumed the stairs for me this morning. And I decided that I love the sound of my kids running the vacuum! It really did put a smile on my face. And reminded me of when I was younger and all of us eight kids would be doing our morning chores.

My mom probably just loved the sound of all that vacuuming, dish washing, dusting, wiping off- all done by her kids.

I think I need to have some more kids --- and some more vacuums. :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween happened!

Sadly, this is the best and only picture I have. I am just kicking myself now- but I'm hoping Grandma and Grandpa have better ones. I made the costumes while I was in Georgia visiting my sister Dawnelle. (Which was awesome, and needs its own post :)

Brighton is Princess Tiger Lily, Brooklyn is Tinker Bell, Logan was Peter Pan, and Spencer was a lost boy. Who had already lost his hat by the time we took this picture.

Our ward had a trunk or treat on Friday, we went door to door on Saturday, and celebrated James' birthday on Sunday. It was a sugar filled weekend!

I'm not a huge fan of the sweet treats- my kids don't get them daily- so I wanted the candy to be kept at a minimum. They all had a lot, so I told the kids that I would pay them five cents for every piece of candy they gave me. Brighton gave me a dollar's worth and Brooklyn parted with 30 cents worth. Logan said no. :) Of course, I do a little after bedtime sneaking. But it goes straight in the trash. I'm sooo not tempted by store candy. I'm not going to waste my time with second-rate treats. But if it's Dove chocolate or something homemade... that's another story. :)