Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Let the season (pause for effect) begin!

The weather is finally warm enough to pull out our little pool. Hooray! The kids and I really enjoy playing at the pool, here or at Helaman Halls. I would stay all day if I could. Or if I could keep my kids entertained that long. :) I'm starting to be more conscious of sun exposure, which makes it a little harder to enjoy. Who wants to wear hats, anyway? On that same hair-smashing note, I need to get Brighton a bike helmet. Sigh!

My latest fabulous idea...

I saw this foam gardening pad at the dollar spot at Target, and immediately thought of our bathtime problem. My little chemists line all their cups on the side of the bathtub, almost always resulting in a big spillover onto the floor. Whereas a nightly mopping of my bathroom might not be a bad idea, I was tired of cleaning up the mess. So I employed this nifty little foam pad as a floating table for their cups. Genius!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

James' first day

Yesterday we dropped James off for his fun and exciting summer venture. He will be working in Washington and Alaska for the next 3 months. Even though he's only been gone a day, he's already had a few firsts: he rode in an 18-wheeler to Montana (with a bed in the back of the cab, very fancy!) and rode a horse. Just look at his face! Although his form needs some work- he doesn't look like he's sitting on his triangle and his heels need to be down with toes out. :) Dawnelle, you know what I mean.
We're hoping that he'll be able to fly back for a week or so to visit, we're already missing Daddy. The kids and I have a lot planned to keep us busy- as well as a new cousin to be born any minute and a wedding with new dresses to look forward to. More to come!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pom Poms!

We've been using pom poms as a boredom buster while the girls are sick. Hopefully today is the last day of our convalescence. Brooklyn had bloodshot eyes, and Brighton has been coughing so hard she's made herself throw up. Lots of fun. Anyways- the pom poms. We've cooked them (pretend, of course), counted them, sorted them, and had pom pom fights. That last one means fights over the pom poms, and fights for fun throwing them at each other. :) Logan keeps putting them in his mouth! I'll fish it out, but he'll quickly stuff another one in. It reminds me of the movie Elf when Will Ferrel is eating cottonballs. Too funny!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

ISU, here we come!

All right folks, we are officially on the way to grad school! James is starting his program in Information Systems at the end of August in Ames, Iowa. James' brother actually graduated from there last year, so we both are familiar with the city and a little bit with campus. We're excited!! Our official move out date from Wymount is July 5th. It will be sad to leave, we sure will miss all our friends.

James' Graduation

I know it's been forever since I've been posted, but our life has been pretty crazy. James graduated on April 25th, which was just so exciting!! These pics were taken by my good friend Amanda- thanks again! Being homeschooled, I've never really been to a graduation before. This was so fun! I especially loved the part where we got to clap for all the graduates, and then in turn they clapped for us. It was nice to have some recognition that I've worked hard too! My plan is to graduate in 2010. I only have 6 more classes, so surely I can finish by then, right? Congrats to my honey!