Thursday, January 19, 2012

Baby #5

Simon David Hall
January 14th
3:04 am
6 pds 6 oz
19 inches long

And only four days late, that good boy! This is me, recovering from being slightly freaked out because my labor was really fast and I didn't have time to get my epidural. I had been slowly laboring the night and day before, and then after an evening of no contractions I figured that nothing was going to be happening. I woke up at midnight with pretty painful contractions (back labor again, ack) but they stayed about 8-10 minutes apart. After an hour I woke James up so he could help with some counter pressure on my back. I called my midwife and told her I was about ready to come in, and we called James' parents to come over and woke up my mom who was coming with. We left for the hospital at 2am. When I got checked in I was dilated to an 8. I asked for an epidural and they were really coy about it, like, "well, we need to get a bag of fluids in you and get you all checked in and then we'll see where we are." I guess that's better than saying, "there is no way there is going to be enough time, silly lady, you are on your own." My midwife came in and checked me and said that I was complete and crowning and that the best pain relief would be to push that baby out. Eep.

In between contractions I was going to a deeply zen place also known as exhaustion, and trying to relax as best I could. I know a lot of ladies put a lot of stock into "natural" childbirth, sans drugs and all, but I have never been one of those. I have always appreciated my epidurals, but mine have never made me a limp noodle. I can still move my legs, feel contractions, and even get up and walk afterwards. But I only have mine going for a few hours, not all day. Mebbe that makes a difference. And maybe in a month or so I'll be talking about how beautiful and naturally wonderful it all was, but right now all I can remember is HOLY CRAP MY CROTCH. 'Cause that's what it felt like. And the stitches afterward? I remember reading something about how you're all numb because of the pressure and all that, but that is BUNK. Felt. Every. Tug.

I really loved my midwives and the hospital I delivered at. James actually got to deliver Simon, isn't that cool?! After the head was out, he got to pull out his shoulders and body, wipe him off with a towel and put him on my stomach. He said it was "fun". And I'm SO GLAD. SO GLAD that this could be a fun experience for him. Snarky sarcasm aside, I am happy for him that he was able to do so much. He's wanted to since baby #1.

I'm really big into asking for lots of help with my other kids the first week after a baby so I can get lots of rest. So of course as soon as I bring this baby home my other kids all get sick with yucky croupy colds and are stuck at home. And I tell you, I'm not responsible for what I might do if they all keep coughing incessantly. It turns out I'm really short on patience and sympathy when I'm tired. Hmm.
So to sum up this long post, I now have 5 kids (ack!), my bottom hurted, I like epidurals, and sleep. The End.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Made me giggle a little too hard

I was trying to explain this cartoon to my husband a few nights ago, and seriously I could not stop laughing long enough to get to the punch line. But it's so true, right? And then after a few weeks you calm down and don't need to be on Pinterest all the time.