Thursday, February 24, 2011


1: Days until the final walk-through of our house

4: Days until we close

9: Days until we move in

3: Number of times I have majorly freaked out about the house

1: Number of flat tires to be fixed

4: Number of weeks we've had sick kids- a fun mixture of flu and strep

I've been trying to find my zen- so many unknowns make it hard, as well as the sick kids. But this has been my week to get back on track. And I have a lot of good friends that have offered to watch the kids while I clean the house and get ready for the move. Sadly, they must not know me well enough, since I always take people up on those offers. :) Mwah hah ha.

Home stretch!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What kept my kids occupied yesterday...

1. New Markers (natch! who can resist new markers?!)

2. Shiny silver piece of string. Apparently it's the same kind that Santa uses on his sleigh, because my kids were pretending North Pole all afternoon.

Hurray for simple things making kids happy!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My first kid in a cast *sniff*

The big surprise was that it's Logan! I would have put my money on Brooklyn for sure. She's always been a big monkey. But where she can fall on her head and not get hurt, Logan can get a paper cut from a coloring book.

Last Sunday James stayed home sick from church with all of our strep-throated kids. One of the activities they came up with was jumping from the block bin onto the floor strewn with blocks. Not a mom-approved activity, I can tell you. Logan came down hard on a block and broke some bones, apparently.
Or not so apparently, as they didn't catch it in the x-rays taken in the emergency room. They declared him sprained and sent him on his way without even a foot brace. A few days later, after their radiologist had looked at it and with him still not walking on it, they sent us straightaway to a specialist. Anyway, he's got a cast on for two weeks and is doing great! He's the rock star of the family right now. :) Sorry I don't have a better picture, this is Grandma and Grandpa signing his manly blue cast.