Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'm done being embarrassed!

As I meet new people, even people in the church, I feel like I need to be embarrassed about having three kids so close together. So I'll make a self-deprecating comment such as, "yeah, this last one was an accident" or "we have better birth control now." In Wymount, it wasn't so obvious how different I was, but elsewhere- when women (even in the church!) are not having as many children or are waiting longer before having kids- I start to feel really abnormal. Now, their reasons are their reasons, and I'm not making any judgements. It took us a year to get pregnant with Brighton, so to a small degree I understand that things don't always go as planned. But I decided I'm not going to be embarrassed any longer. I love being a young mom and I'm proud of my children. Yes, we were surprised to be pregnant with Logan, but I'm over it- and what would we do without him? I want to have a whole passel of kids, and I don't care if everyone thinks I'm weird. So there. :) So to all you Wymount moms and others that have lots of little children running around- congratulations!! You are amazing, tough and wonderful and definitely NOT weird in my book! :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

You have officially left Provo...

So, my car got keyed today. Funny story- I was in the McDonald's playplace (I know, don't judge me) and there was a woman there with her daughter. I say woman but I'm not sure if she was over 20. She got into a heated discussion with someone on her cell phone and started swearing up a storm- her most favorite expletive being the f-word. After she hung up on the person, I politely asked her not to talk that way in front of my kids. I promise- I was polite!! She didn't say anything, but soon after that walked out of the store and- KEYED MY CAR!! What do you do?! I guess I'm naive and sheltered after Wymount, but why would a person be using language like that in front of children!? I'm not so much upset about my car, but her reaction. What ever happened to being nice?

So of course I've been stewing over this since it happened. Should I not say anything for fear of a knife in my tire? Is this what living out in the real world is going to be like? I've actually experienced a situation like this before- where I've needed to ask someone to watch their language. It was some construction workers that were eating their lunch near where my kids were playing. But they were fine about it and apologized. This lady's response (as well as her phone conversation) showed a real lack of maturity. I'm sad for her and for her daughter. Hmm.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Still moving...

Let's see, to recap-

The kids and I spent a few fun days with my sis-in-law and friend Bethany in West Jordan. We made t-shirts, went to Wheeler farm and the Children's Museum up at Gateway. It was a really fun visit, I'm sure going to miss their family! We drove to Denver (8 hrs) to spend the night at a hotel with my family. The kids did really well on the car ride, thanks to months of planning! :) I have been getting books, movies and music so they would have some new things for the trip, as well as dollar store things that I wrapped up and chucked to the back seat when they needed something to do. My friend Rachel also gave me this great idea to put names of cities that we would be passing through on masking tape and put them on the ceiling. She made a little car for me, so the girls could see as we moved along our route. They loved it, I highly recommend! I didn't get any "are we there yet?" and they loved seeing that we were getting closer to the end.

After Denver, my family drove to Buena Vista (3 hrs) for some river rafting! My dad has been planning this for years, and I'm so glad it finally came together. We had three really nice cabins (I've probably been turned off to tent camping forever) and I got to spend two days on the river. I was worried that my kids would be bored, but they had so much fun! Gathering sticks, building "fires", throwing rocks in the creek for hours- Brighton made up a lot of songs about the trees and flowers. :) The town was small but super cute - we all had a blast!! Weather was beautiful, I just can't say enough. I was really sad James missed it, but hopefully we'll go back.

We drove to Kansas (8hrs) and spent about a week there. We went down and had some fun in Peck (45 min) at some property of my mom's friend's parents. If that makes sense. They have 180 acres, a pond, paddleboats, go-carts, a pony and cows. Lots of fun. My family has a pumpkin farm that they are working on. I was able to see my good friend Elicia, who is also my favorite hairdresser. :) I can't post pictures until we get our computer unpacked, but wait until you see the bright red chunks! Elicia calls it "spiderman red", and it certainly is. Super fun!! :)

I was planning on staying with my family for a while, but since James hasn't gotten the call to go back to his summer work, I drove to Iowa (8 hrs, turned into 10). I just love him too much! Iowa State University is about 3 hrs from here, so when our apartment is available we won't have too long of a drive. Which is good, because the kids are done! I'm still getting used to the humidity (ick) and my first night here we had a huge storm which woke the kids at 6am and took out the electricity. We were out for about 4 hrs I think. The Dairy Queen down the road was giving away ice cream because it was melting! There are still a lot of people without power. Crazy. I'm grateful our electricity is working, because I don't know what I would do. Drive back to Utah and call it quits, maybe. :)

I have to get back to my kids, but I'll post later about our apartment frustrations and other stuff.

Friday, July 4, 2008

On the move!

We've started moving, so my posts will be a little more sporadic. (Like they haven't already been!) When I get to Kansas I'll be able to upload pics and let you know the details of what has been happening. The best things in the past few days have been James getting home a day early to surprise me, and my brother, sister and parents surprising us with a night away at a bed and breakfast. I'll try to post soon!