Sunday, November 22, 2009


Our stake YW/YM had a talent show a few weeks ago, and this lovely group performed Michael Jackson's Thriller. The girls were having trouble coming up with something to do for the talent show, and so I volunteered (like a crazy person) to teach them the dance from Thriller.

The problem: I didn't know it.

So thanks to youtube tutorials, I learned the dance in two days and was able to teach it to some of our young women. It was really fun to learn, practice and perform, even though I am soooo not a dancer. It really tired me out and made me sore for a few days -- probably because I'd had a baby five weeks earlier. Hmm.

Anyways, I have the picture, the video and some good memories!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Halloween Post

For Halloween this year, Brighton was a ballerina, Brooklyn was little red riding hood, and Logan was a super hero. I made Brighton's tutu and Logan's cape, but thankfully we had Brooklyn's costume in our dress-up box and I didn't have to make anything else. :) Our ward's trunk-or-treat was on Wednesday, and then James took the kids out trick-or-treating or about an hour on Saturday. It was a fun holiday week!

I love to decorate for holidays, and we spend one school morning tracing and cutting out bats and ghosts to hang around our house, and draped spider webs over anything that we could. Spooky!

Monday, November 2, 2009

The ladybugs are swarming!

For some reason unknown to me, our house is being attacked by ladybugs. There are 13 crawling around on my back door right now, and nearly that many on any window. I can see them flying around outside. Is this a sign of good luck? Are they plotting something? They're getting inside through our poorly sealed doors and crawl around on the ceiling. In the morning our floors are covered with little ladybug carcasses. The kids like to gather up handfuls and carry them around. I'm really not sure what is going on.And not to sound paranoid, but these pumpkin bats are glaring at me.
Especially this guy.