Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Atlanta Situation

For those who aren't in the know, I thought I'd fill everyone in on what we are doing.

About Atlanta: Way back when, oh- six months ago? When James was applying for jobs at the end of his semester, we felt impressed that we needed to be in the Atlanta area. We also were pretty sure that we would not have a job beforehand and would just need to go out there and get one. I'm not sure if that last part was inspiration or just knowing how the Lord works with us. We're not one of those families where things end up in our lap. I guess we have more we need to learn about faith, and Heavenly Father likes to give us those opportunities. :)

So for the month of May, as soon as James was done with his degrees he drove down to Georgia to start looking for work. Not a ton of luck so far, but we keep hearing there is potential and companies are hiring. I packed up the house and kept the kids {mostly} happy until the end of May, when James flew back to help load up the moving van and drive our stuff down to Georgia. My sister has been awesome and is letting James stay with her and all of our stuff is just sitting in her garage. Thanks Dawnelle!

Right now I am staying with James' parents in Davenport, which is right on the Iowa/Illinois border. We're going to give this situation a month and then evaluate. We still feel like Georgia is right for us- we figure if we stay close to the spirit the Lord will let us know if we're not doing the right thing anymore. But we still feel good about Atlanta- who knows why?! This has been a good lesson in faith for me especially, as I like to have everything planned out and organized, and James not having a job is stressing both of us out. But we've been blessed with great family that are letting us take over their homes, and hopefully we'll catch a break soon. I don't always have access to a phone here and being on the computer is harder, so I won't be blogging as much. But we've restocked our adventure jar, and I'll have pictures to blog as soon as James gets a job and we get to our new house in Atlanta!