Thursday, November 1, 2012

I love Halloween

       My kids:

         My kids on candy:


Melody said...

LOL! Like, for real, I laughed out loud. My kids are the same way. I'm so into trick-or-treating that I'm like, "Run! Run to the next house!" And then we have all this candy and I'm like, "You can have one M&M and that's it!"

Bliss' said...

I gave out the candy that the kids collected at the ward truck or treat to our neighbors for Halloween.

The Roderick Family said...

Hilarious! We have packed and given the majority of ours away.

M said...

Nice Brittany. My other "favorite" thing about Halloween is the children rotating into my bed the week prior "because I'm scared what Halloweeen will be like" and the week after "because I'm scared of what Halloween was like."
The guy in a fencing mask and coveralls rolling around his driveway and moaning with a hatchet didn't help either.
Beautiful new layout btw:)

M said...

(that was Rachel)